Holistic Healing:


+ Discover the root cause of any symptom or illness you are dealing with.   

+ Create a customised healing plan to help with your needs and goals. 

+ Create regenerative detoxification health programs to restore the human body back to health and vitality.

+ Make small changes to your current diet to better your health 

If your anything like me, you've seen tried every diet, every type of exercise, every product and you didn't get the results you were looking for. 

I'm here to teach you what's the root cause of your health problems, how to heal and bring balance back to the body. 


How I can help:

With hard work and the right tools we can heal:

+ General overall health 
+Adrenal fatigue
+Autoimmune disease
+Bladder infections
+Blood sugar imbalance
+Brain fog
+Canker sores
+Chronic pain
+Children's health
+Cold sores
+Colds and flu
+Dark under-eye circles
+Dental health
+Digestive issues
+Ear infections
+Emotional traumas
+Environmental toxicity
+Epstein-Barr virus
+Excessive hunger
+Eye floaters
+Food sensitivities
+Gallbladder issues
+Gum and jaw pain
+Hair thinning, hair loss
+Heart palpitations
+Heavy metal toxicity
+High/low blood pressure
+Hormonal imbalances
+Infections: bacterial, viral, and/or fungal
+Insomnia/difficulty sleeping
+Itchy skin
+Kidney problems
+Liver problems
+Low libido
+Lyme disease
+Memory issues
+Mold toxicity
+Multiple sclerosis (MS)
+Muscle spasms/twitches
+Neuropathy and other mystery nerve issues
+Restless Leg syndrome
+Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)
+Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
+Sinus infections
+Strep throat
+Thyroid issues and disorders
+Tingles and numbness
+Tinnitus/humming or buzzing in ears
+Tremors and shaking
+Women's health problems
+Yeast infections


Tools I Use:

Pink Clouds

+ Detoxification Methods - Detoxification Specialist 

+ Advanced Medical Information - Medical Medium © 

+ Iridology - Reading the iris, giving an insight into the body’s physical condition.

+ Emotional, mindset and lifestyle changes


How This Works

The Plan 

+ We will have an in-depth conversation about what is going on and deconstruct your health concerns. 

+ You will answer an in-depth questionnaire.  

+ Discuss the long term plan for holistic healing addressing each layer to get there.

Once we get started, I break the plan into small, achievable steps. We will make weekly contact for as long as you need. 

Pink Clouds
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Ally is a Certified Detoxification Specialist trained under the International School of Detoxification. Ally is not a medical doctor or dietitian.  All information shared is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any condition. Ally is here to inspire, educate and empower you. Any dietary changes should be discussed with your doctor.