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My Story

Ahh, I cant believe I am actually writing this right now. I have always dreamed of working in this space, now it is a reality!

It's funny, I honestly believe everything happens for a reason. I have always been obsessed with health and wellness and I believe everything that has happened in my life has lead to me to do what I am doing right now.

Growing up, I met people who led me to places to teach me lessons. At the time is was f@*king hard, but I made it out the other side. Let me share my story.

Growing up, I was a very active child. I didn't seem to have any issues or illness that kept me down. I played every sport under the sun and ate pretty well. Getting older, I never really thought about food or nutrition and what it did to me or my body. I ate what my mother gave me because I was hungry, it was that simple. Once I hit puberty, things started to change.

It was around this time that I started to get sick. Glandular fever was the first culprit and it really knocked me back. I was in bed for weeks and was constantly so drained. I didn't recover from this for years. After this, over the next couple of years I had rounds of Strep throat, which meant rounds of antibiotics. I had issues with my appendix and was often constipated. ( Soon learnt that we are meant to poo three times a day, gosh, I was not well)

When I reached university, I started to get acne on my face and always had red pigmentation on my checks. I tried everything and it didn't go away. This was also the same time I started to become really interested in heath and nutrition. I really got into my fitness and trained 6 times a week in the gym. Along side this, I was a real trend geek. You name it, I did it - low carb, sugar free, high fat, calorie counting, macro counting, fasting, not eating at all, bing eating, no carbs after 4pm, gluten free, dairy free. I did it all. On top of all that, I got professional help. I saw about four different nutritionist as I always felt that there was something wrong. This didn't work.

For years I have always tried to fix my skin. Now my skin was never terrible, but it was never perfect either. I dreamed of having perfect skin and I was so hard on myself because I didn't have that. I never went a day without putting concealer on. I even had to put it on to go to the gym because I was self conscious. I spent soooo much money on expensive products, lazer, facials, peel treatments. This did help slightly, but it did not fix the problem. I never addressed the root cause, but only put bandaids on it.

Once I finished university and hit the real world was when my world started to crumble. I moved to a new city, new job, financially supporting myself was stressed and busy. My skin got worse, I started to get an extremely sore back and neck. My back and neck needed to be clicked every second of the day. This stopped me from doing exercise, I couldn't breathe, was sleeping about 10 + hours daily and was just overall unhappy and in pain. Looking back now, I honestly don't know how I lived as it was tough. I felt like I was on edge all day long and was about to fall at any point. Anxiety at its best, It makes me very sad thinking about how I suffered through that and people live with that all of the time.

I feel bad for the people who met me during this time. From the outside I looked fine, but deep down I was not coping at all. I had NO IDEA what was going wrong? I loved health and wellness, why wasn't I able to live that life I dreamed of? I tried everything and spent a lot of money to fix myself as I was "broken". I found the chiropractor was the most helpful but this was a catch 22 as I couldn't stop going otherwise it would get worse again. Once again, a bandaid affect, not the cure.

Two years of doing this, I was not getting any better, still worried, stressed and living on edge. It consumed my life. Then I lost my period. I wish I could go back and shake past Alice. The signs were there, but I just thought my body was failing on me. But, MY BODY WAS WORKING SO HARD FOR ME, I just didn't realise. It took a good year and a half to get my period back. Once again, I tried it all, taking different supplements, nutritionist, diet changes, more exercise, less exercise, stress management.. but nothing helped. Thats because they were all bandaids, I WASN'T FIXING THE CORE PROBLEM.

And then the best day of my life came.

I feel like I was meant to go through this pain to come out on the other side, stronger and more driven to get to where I want to go.

There was three significant people that played a large role in my healing. Shout out to Karen, Anthony and Robert. You guys literally saved me.

My outlook on life is so different now. We are up against so much toxic crap in our daily life. Our bodies cannot do its job when you're toxic, you need to clean the tank to be free. I learnt what our bodies are trying to tell us, and how to respond to this.

I started studying, learning and living health. I turned my life around completely, I now know the reasons for my pain and the cures to fix the symptoms. My body was never attacking itself. It was actually working hard for me, I just didn't know how to help it. I believe it's my mission now to help you.


I now walk down the street and see people suffering, with no answers and think to myself - I can help you, you don't have to live in pain like I did, you don't have to throw money away to get no answers.

Let me help you.

I live and breath holistic health. It's incredible.

Ally xx

My Story.


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