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One of the biggest misconceptions in the world of health, that has unfortunately gained a huge push over the years, is that fruit is harmful for our health.


Fruit is absolutely essential for health. You cannot sustain optimal health without fruit.

First things first - Our entire bodies, including our brains, run on glucose (sugar). Not fat, or protein... but glucose. Glucose fuels every function that takes place within the body. We could not survive without it. If we do not consume enough glucose to get through our busy days, our body is forced to produce adrenaline to push through and give us the energy it is in despite need of.

This is terrible.

We are already living a fast paced, high stress, adrenaline fulled lifestyle. Removing fruit is the icing on the cake. Overtime this will burn out your adrenal glands which causes issues like adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalances, leading you to crash and burn.

I don't mean to be the negative Nancy that is delivering you the bad news, but this is such a simple mistake that is causing tremendous harm.

Second of all, without eating fruit, your body will force you to get it from somewhere else - hello sugar cravings. This is when your body craves unhealthy sweets, like cake, cookies, candy, and wine because you are not eating enough of a healthy source of glucose. This is where health problems occur. Like I said earlier, you cannot live without glucose, so your body will work hard to get it from somewhere.

Having a diet with little to no fruit will cause harm for the body. Many cases of infertility are caused by a mother having insufficient levels of glucose in the body to form a baby. It takes an immense amount of energy to create a human life, and without sufficient levels of glucose, it may not be as easy. How crazy is that? Such a simple task like eating a piece of fruit plays a huge role in our life!!

When we don't eat fruit and we don't have a strong glucose reserve our body turns to adrenaline to function. Overtime, this harms the pancreas and could lead to insulin resistance.

My point of this is we need to stop looking at fruit as the enemy. Fruit is natures candy. It tastes amazing, has all of the vitamins, minerals, fiber, and living water we need to function and thrive in life.

Lastly, fruit sugar and processed sugar are not the same!! People have started to group table, processed sugar and natural sugar together.

The major difference between the two is that table sugar will spike the blood sugar and gets directly absorbed. Whereas fruit contains, a small amount of sugar, combined with vitamins, minerals, living water, fiber, and elevated biotics and incredibly healing phytochemicals. The fiber in the fruit slows the absorption of the sugar down, which allows our body to use it for energy and reap the benefits of all of the other health giving components of food!

Please do not let anyone tell you not to eat fruit - its nature. We have not created this, and including toxic ingredients.

Fruit is life changing. Eat it.

Im off to eat some Kiwifruit now

Lots of love

Ally xx


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